Woodstock Inn


Woodstock Inn and Resort Woodstock Vermont


A Great Wedding Venue

The front yard is always dressed well

JuJuGemZ Parents had their Honeymoon Here Sept 24 1961

Vintage, Cozy and Quaint

I love Vermont A JuJuGemZ Favorite Place

Many little areas to lounge in

Old Painting and Antiques

Great Game Room below deck

Pumpkins in October.  A Great Month for a Woodstock Inn Wedding

Relax and stay a while

JuJuGemZ stops here on her way to Maine

JuJuGemZ of saratoga hanging out at Woodstock Inn. The Classic in Autumn Hydrangea getting Solar Charged with Good JuJu. Bridesmaids Gifts

Solar Charging the JuJuGemZ at the Woodstock Inn 

The Beverly (named after my sweet mom) by JuJuGemZ of Saratoga hanging out at the Woodstock Inn Woodstock VT

Let's go for a ride and get some coffee

I'm ready because I have my JuJuGemZ cup

Nice  nook to read a book here at the Woodstock Inn

Sun Room

Iconic covers bridge in Vermont 

JuJuGemZ wearing The Pearls of Wisdom dinner at  The Woodstock Inn & Resort  Woodstock Vermont

Time for Bed at the Woodstock Inn

Morning at the Pool at the Woodstock Inn

While in Woodstock do stop by the Vermont Flannel Company, it may seem pricy but the quality is second to none, we both got PJ's and a Blanket for Sis.  The stadium blanket was so awesome that my sis bought everyone in our family their own personal blankie...WOW what a girl!  The one above was my color choice to match my JamJams...I can disappear :). Thank You AMY!!!!! A JuJuGemZ Favorite Thing!!!!