Wiawaka Holiday House

A retreat for women, women's groups, weddings, celebrations, and to spend the day with a day pass

Wiawaka which is a Native American word for The Great Spirit in Women....JuJuGemZ Loves it here and it's a JuJuGemZ favorite Place

Good JuJu All Around

Relax and Enjoy the ADK

a JuJuGemZ favorite place

Read a Book or Meditate in Serenity

Swimming, Floating, Tanning, Kayak or Stroll the grounds


JuJuGemZ feels this is the Best Solar Charging of the Good JuJu you can get!

A Glorious New Dock...Awesome

Bring your own Picnic and a book

S'more pit YAY, Check out their special events calendar 

Pay Attention and be Present or you will miss out on what's right in front of you

All the Girls love pretty pearls by JuJuGemZ of Saratoga Swarovski Crystal Pearls hand knotted on silk

Lake George the Queen of American Lakes

Lake Sweet lake

JuJuGemZ Loves Lake George especially Wiawaka Holiday House

Live with presence and spread Good JuJu   

My Grandpy made the Minnehaha...laughing water it's Indian meaning


Misty Morning 

Let's walk the walk and set our wishes and intentions

JuJuGemZ has the very Same owl on the grounds of her shop....Good JuJu

My JuJuGemZ Classic getting recharged with Intention, Presence and Good JuJu of Course.  Swarovski Crystal on .925 Italian Sterling Silver

Right On Babies!!!!

Men are allowed to visit at times so check the website, in July and some other special events

JuJuGemZ solar charging at Wiawaka Holiday House

JuJuGemZ are Lake friendly especially at Wiawaka on Lake George

JuJuGemZ Sparkle Dips at Wiawaka Holiday House no worries because JuJuGemZ can get wet with no problems

The Wiawaka Wonder Woman Warrior Wrist Wrap was designed, named and solar charged at the Wiawaka Holiday House on Lake George NY in the ADK


The Wiawaka Wonder Woman Warrior Wrist Wrap is handmade by JuJuGemZ of Saratoga, a local ADK girl who fell in LOVE with Wiawaka and loves to read, swim, tan, stroll, meditate and recharge her Good JuJu here, It's a JuJuGemZ favorite place.

The Wiawaka Wonder Woman Warrior Wrist Wrap is a 24 inch leather wrap that has been adorned with Swarovski Crystal, the finest in the world, that you can wrap your wrist 3 times, your ankle twice or use as a hat band to dress up that hat...see below!

The Wiawaka Wonder Woman Warrior Wrist Wrap by JuJuGemZ of Saratoga was designed to remind you how empowered you are as long as YOU take charge at embrace your inner Isis (oh mighty Isis) 100% Swarovski Crystals on a 24" adjustable leather strap 3 times around the wrist, twice around the ankle or once around the hat.  Why not take a 4 prong approach like JuJu do :-D

The Wiawaka Wonder Woman Warrior Wrist Wrap really dresses up a hat as seen above with two WWWWWW in Safari on a straw boat hat and on the rim a JuJuGemZ Dynasty GemZ Classic in Astral Blue

JuJuGemZ Bridal Jewelry Gifts are perfect for your Wiawaka Wedding

A great Place for weddings, did you know JuJuGemZ is an Ordained Minister who has officiated weddings...Good JuJu all the way. JuJuGemZ makes Bridal Jewelry and Special Event JuJuGemZ

JuJuGemZ makes custom party gifts for your Special Occasion or Charity Events 

A lovely place to spend the day.  I love it so much I got a season pass so I can stock up on all the Good JuJu here on my Lake in the ADK