Upcoming JuJuGemZ Events

Upcoming 2020 Special JuJuGemZ EVENTS

Feb 1 & 2 WINTERFEST at The Inn at Erlowest 10-6PM Saturday 10-4PM Sunday

Jan 24&25 Jan31&Feb1 GLACIER ICE BAR & Lounge JuJuGemZ Sale at the Fabulous Gift Shop EMPORIUM

April 11, 2020 Mind Body Soul Expo at the Saratoga City Center 9:00 AM-5PM

December 6, 7 and 8  Adirondack Christkindlmart Charles R Wood Pavilion in Lake George Village a Festive Christmas Market with Adirondack Christmas Specialty Gifts from local Artisans a European Styled Holiday Market with music and holiday festivities.



Summer 2019 JuJuGemZ Events

July 5   Saratoga Polo Celebrate Saratoga Tournament

July 7   Saratoga Polo Celebrate Saratoga Tournament

July 12 Saratoga Polo Hall of Fame Tournament

July 13 Saratoga Opening Day Open House at The National Racing    Museum and Hall Of Fame 

July 14  Saratoga Polo Hall of Fame Tournament

July 19   Saratoga Polo Veuve Clicquot Polo Challenge

July 20th SPAC GALA   JuJu Enjoys the Ballet

July 21   Saratoga Polo Veuve Cliquot Polo Championship

July 26   Saratoga Polo JuJuGemZ Clubhouse Sale

July 28   Saratoga Polo JuJuGemZ Clubhouse Sale

August 2 Saratoga Polo Whitney Cup 

August 4  Saratoga Polo Whitney Cup

August 9  Saratoga Polo Barrantes Cup

August 11Saratoga Polo Barrantes Cup

August 18. Saratoga Polo Ylvisaker Cup 

August 21  Saratoga Polo Ylvisaker Cup


August 23  Saratoga Polo Special Wedding Cup

August 25  Saratoga Polo Special Wedding Cup

August 30  Saratoga Polo Spa Anniversary Cup

September 1 Saratoga Polo Spa Anniversary Cup