Saratoga Race Course

Saratoga Race Track The Summer Place to Be

Get LUCKY at the Track with JuJuGemZ of Saratoga

Did you know JuJuGemZ are infused with such Good JuJu that they are Lucky Charms at Saratoga Race Track and help you focus your energy towards abundance...all JuJuGemz are solar charged by the sun and filled with Good JuJu by JuJu of JuJuGemZ of Saratoga

JuJuGemZ was Mentioned in Simply Saratoga Summer 2018 edition for designing the 120th Anniversary Saratoga Polo Princess Necklace to commemorate this special occasion for one of the oldest and most prestigious Polo Clubs in America

JuJuGemZ of Saratoga is a NYS Woman owned business that specializes in simply elegant Swarovski Crystal Jewelry on Sterling Silver, Hand Knotted Swarovski Pearls and Swarovski Studded Leather Goods


JuJuGemZ is a TasteNY Vendor

Hey dude where'd you get the crystal ice cube??? JuJuGemZ of course

JuJuGemZ at the Saratoga Race Course in the Pavilion for Taste NY

Hey y'all come get your Good Luck Good JuJu JuJuGemZ before the race starts

JuJuGemZ of Saratoga handmade Swarovski Jewelry all the Sparkle without the expense or worry

JuJu Sporting a Jumbo GoodJuJuCube Stacked with The Beverly Swarovski Crystal Drop Necklace at Saratoga Race Track.  She's doubling up for extra good luck and Good JuJu.  Jewelry by JuJuGemZ of Saratoga

All that Good JuJu make a gal thirsty...a frozen Margherita will do just fine August at Saratoga Race Track

The wife and daughter will love this so don't forget to make their day with JuJuGemZ