Roosevelt Baths and Spa

Roosevelt Baths and Spa

JuJuGemZ of Saratoga are offered here in The Spa Shop at Roosevelt Baths and the Spa Shop is the exclusive JuJuGemZ retail location in Saratoga

Solar Charging the JuJuGemZ with Good JuJu

JuJu walks the grounds a few times a week because it's one of her favorite places to Solar Charge the JuJuGemZ with Good JuJu

World Class Spa Experience here at the Historic Roosevelt Baths and Spa

The Architecture alone is amazing  and the grand history is iconic

details everywhere you look and you can find JuJuGemZ in The Roosevelt Baths Gift Shop


Thank You FDR for making this the first American Grand Spa

So many Saratoga Goodies in the Spa Shop and a JuJuGemZ Exclusive Saratoga Retail Location

Extraordinary Swarovski Crystal Jewelry by JuJuGemZ of Saratoga in the Spa Shop

The Spa Water is The very Best in the World it's like soaking in God's Energy

Original Pilasters 

More Sacred Geometry

Enchantingly authentic and relatively unchanged since the 1930's

The Spa Tubs are long and deep...Perfect for a soak before a healing massage in your own private treatment room. I have found the fountain of youth here at The Roosevelt Baths and Spa

About to submerge in the Sparkling Goodness of the Saratoga Mineral Waters at the  Roosevelt Baths and Spa.  This is how I recharge the Good JuJu Vibe

Sparkling JuJuGemZ pairs extremely well with the Sparkling Mineral Water of the Roosevelt Baths and Spa

Getting my Good JuJu On

A Blessing and Meditation will increase the Good JuJu of the Natural Sparkling Saratoga Mineral Water here at the Roosevelt Baths

So relaxing and rejuvenating, JuJu is a very happy camper and on her way to a nice long Eucalyptus Steam

The NEW Relaxation Room is Exquisite

a Water Wall feature lends the sweet sounds of trickling water to enhance your relaxed vibe WOW so much Good JuJu

Unwind and soak in your Spa experience after a Steam or Bath and Massage

Fresh fruit and amazing teas are a courtesy of the Roosevelt Baths and Spa

Zen is a JuJuGemZ Favorite

Sacred geometry abounds on the property

JuJuGemZ of Saratoga and other fine gifts in the Spa Shop. The Roosevelt Baths and Spa are the exclusive retailer of JuJuGemZ in Saratoga



Take good care of your Spa Attendants because they work very hard for our enjoyment and don't worry if you forget to take off your JuJuGemz because they are worry free and you can swim, bathe and shower in your JuJuGemZ

Great Saratoga Gifts and Souvenirs at The Roosevelt Baths and Spa Gift Shop

JuJuGemZ Solar Charging with Flower of Life Zenergy

Every Woman Deserves to Sparkle and Treat Herself to JuJuGemZ and a Great Mineral Bath

JuJu Loves the Facials Here at the Spa and the other fine treatments

Dim the lights and submerge into an alternate reality YES!

I love that Spa Glow and feel so recharged

Winter Spring Summer and Falll...are all great times to take advantage of this historic Saratoga Gem    

Take a stroll or a hike before your treatment

Love the Neo Classical Art Deco 1920's feel of this Spa, it takes me back to simpler times.  The Beverly by JuJuGemZ of Saratoga hanging out at the Roosevelt Baths and Spa

A JuJuGemZ of Saratoga Favorite Place The Roosevelt Baths and Spa

My Home My Spa My Escape. The Roosevelt Baths and Spa are a Precious Gem to Saratoa, New York and the World.    Thank You Thank You Thank You