Hall Of Springs

Hall Of Springs Saratoga Springs NY

A Great Venue in Saratoga Springs NY is the Hall Of Springs on the Saratoga Spa State Park Grounds.  JuJuGemZ of Saratoga presents regularly and enjoys so many fabulous events here. Whether Galas, Balls, Jazz Bar or Private Parties,  the Hall of Springs is well suited for any special occasion and great for dancing!


Gorgeous Reflections 

JuJuGemZ has an array of Swarovski Crystal Pearl Hand Knotted Continuous Strands in Opera Length, Gala Length and Gatsby Length.  The JuJuGemZ Pearls look feel and weigh like top quality Japanese cultured pearls without the worry from hairspray, perfumes, or sweat and at a fraction of the cost. JuJuGemZ takes special orders and custom pearl orders.

JuJuGemZ make great party favors,  Brides and Bridesmaids Love them every time. JuJuGemZ will cater to your special event and has private events at the venue of your choice or at your home party.

Michele Riggi stuns at the SPAC Ballet Gala. The Saratoga socialite and philanthropist to the Arts loves JuJuGemZ Pearls and has an annual Pearl Party Event for charity.  This gal is the DIVA of fabulous and knocks her look out of the park every time with her custom gowns and red bottom shoes.

SPAC NYC Ballet Gala The Four Seasons and JuJuGemZ premier of her hand knotted Gala Length Swarovski Crystal Pearls.

Adding more Sparkle to the SPAC NYC Ballet Gala   hand knotted Swarovski Crystal Pearls in Gala Length made by JuJuGemZ of Saratoga

The four seasons on stilts carefully strolled around the hall during the Gala Event adding Good JuJu

The Food was Amazing WOW open bar the works!!!!

JuJuGemZ of Saratoga at the SPAC Gala Swarovski Crystal Pearls Hand Knotted on Silk just like authentic, look, feel like the best quality AAA Japanese akoyas.

Front row premium NYC Ballet seats ....Loved it!  The Beverly (Swarovski Crystal Drop Necklace) by JuJuGemZ of Saratoga adds subtle sparkle at the NYC Ballet Gala. The Sweetheart neckline on this little black dress has been upgraded by JuJuCouture with a random application of Swarovski Drop Crystals.

Outside the Hall of Springs Gala NYC Ballet Opening

Swarovski Crystal Embellishments by JuJuCouture and JuJuGemZ of Saratoga

JuJuGemZ of Saratoga Party Gifts, Party Favors, Corporate Gifts.

SPAC Winter Ball 2018 JuJuGemZ Donating Sponsor 

Winter Ball Sponsor JuJuGemZ created Special Dynasty GemZ Classics in Under The Sea Colors for this event

JuJuGemZ Gift Bags at SPAC's Under The Sea Winter Ball

Snacks are always Good JuJu thanks Mazzone Catering

Dancing the Night Away with JuJuGemZ

JuJuGemZ of Saratoga caters to your Private Events and Specializes in Brides and Bridesmaids.  JuJuGemZ does Home Parties to groups of 6 or more.

JuJuGemZ is an Ordained Minister and officiates weddings and makes Bridal Jewelry and Wedding Party Gifts.

Hall of Springs Weddings JuJuGemZ does Custom Bridal Orders and will cater to your Special Events.  JuJuGemZ offers home parties for groups of 6 or more.


JuJuGemZ is not only a patron of the arts We are a donating sponsor to the SPAC annual  Winter Ball.  The Mermaid Classic featured above and other Dynasty GemZ Classics in JuJuGemZ Gift Bags

JuJuGemZ  love the theme Into the Pines  The SPAC Winter Ball

Always a Fun Night Out at The Hall Of Springs

Into The Pines is a JuJuGemZ favorite place to go 

Swinging at The Hall of Springs with JuJuGemZ

JuJuGemZ are Jazzy so Get Your Good JuJu ON and come out and Dance at the Freihofer's Bread Jazz Bar This Summer