Adelphi Hotel

Adelphi Hotel Saratoga Springs NY

The Adelphi Hotel Christmas Time in Saratoga Springs NY

Fantastic Resoration

Great Pens and of course Great JuJuGemZ at the Adelphi Hotel.  A great place for JuJuGemZ Parties


You will find your nook hear at The Adelphi and so many cozy spaces for cocktails and appetizers. Good JuJu

Super Comfortable Surroundings a fantastic Wedding Venue and JuJuGemZ loves Wedding Parties and caters to Custom Brides Jewelry and Bridesmaids Gifts

JuJuGemZ go well with Campari and Soda

JuJuGemZ Gift Bags


Love the patio at the Adelphi great for Gatherings, Special Events and JuJuGemZ parties

Many interesting features

plenty of seating and areas of interest

Sunny and Shady

JuJuGemZ is in awe of the New Adelphi Hotel in Saratoga Springs NY

Hey Saratoga Girls..let's have a JuJuGemZ Party at the Adelphi

Cozy and Classic JuJu like

Even the Bathrooms at The Adelphi are a work of art especially with JuJuGemZ close by

it's the little touches that aren't ignored...just like JuJuGemZ

This is my Happy New Year Face  JuJuGemZ with Sequined Party Dress at The Adelphi Hotel in Saratoga Springs NY