According to Wikipedia    Juju or ju-ju (French: joujou, lit. 'plaything')[1][2] is a spiritual belief system incorporating objects, such as amulets, and spells used in religious practice, as part of witchcraft in West Africa. The term has been applied to traditional African religions.[3]

In a general sense the term "juju" can be used to refer to magical properties dealing with good luck.


The Early Years

JuJu has always loved sparkly things since childhood as most babies do and not only did she grab for them but she had to put them in her mouth and swallow them too.  Many psychologists believe that the reason JuJu did this was because seeing, touching or holding the sparkle was just not enough for JuJu. JuJu wanted to be the Sparkle and therefore ingested them to become one with the Sparkle.

JuJu was a wild child who loved to razzle dazzle her siblings and friends with her outrageous walking comedy and mischievous hijinks because she knew that laughter and feeling good was the greatest gift she could share with others and it just felt so good.

As JuJu matured, she became a student of the universal principal known as The Law of Attraction and  The Power of Positive Thinking and often helped others and put forth good positive energy into the world thereby being able to acquire even more positive energy for herself.  Through practice and persistence JuJu realized that all the good a person puts in the world comes back to them magnified and the best thing you can really do is to help others always, no matter what.

When JuJu came of age her love affair with sparkly things turned into a love of jewelry and she started her collection.  One day after watching the end of their favorite series on HBO, JuJu and her sister wanted a special piece of jewelry that the celebrity had personally selected to wear in the final episode. This designer necklace was made of raw diamonds that slid on a platinum chain and was valued at  $55,000.00.  JuJu did research and found an article that mentioned a "Stunt Necklace" was in a particular scene so that the Diamond Necklace would not get ruined.


JuJu and her sister scoured the internet and searched for this necklace and couldn’t find it, so JuJu set out on a quest to find the pieces and make it for her sister.  After buying the wrong pieces several times JuJu finally nailed it and made the “Stunt Necklace” for her sister, who just LOVED IT! When JuJu’s friends saw the necklace, they wanted it too, so JuJu made many necklaces and gave them as gifts to all her friends.  Her sister said, “Hey, you should sell these!”  so she did.

JuJuGemZ was Born

It just made perfect sense to harness the Sparkle and couple it with Good Positive Energy so that it’s infused with the highest of intentions and Good JuJu and then educate the wearer  about how to infuse it with their own dreams and wishes so that while they are wearing it, they can use it as a reminder to stay on the correct path to manifest their desires.

It’s JuJu’s desire that her customers not only wear the Sparkle but become the Sparkle as well. JuJu suggests that when complimented on the GemZ, the wearer should say thank you and then take a moment to reflect and feel their own dreams coming true.  The user can also infuse their GemZ out in nature with putting their own magic spells on the GemZ and charging the intentions with sunlight.  JuJu refers to this as “Solar Charging”.

JuJu has always loved France especially Paris, and her Nickname was JuJu (a French word Jou-Jou) so the name JuJuGemZ has great significance to her personally and the “Z” being used instead of the traditional “S” is to highlight her celebration of diversity and uniqueness, and this dot com was available lol.


JuJuGemZ uses only Swarovski Crystals, the finest crystals in the entire world and couple them with Italy’s finest .925 Sterling Silver link chain and makes each piece carefully by hand.  JuJu charges these pieces in the Sun and Blesses them with all her Good JuJu energy and suggests the user does the same.  **Give Good JuJu** Get Good JuJu**  is our mantra and we hope to share this with the world.